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  • Between 1 and 49 users:
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  • 500+ users:

Minimum 12 month contract applies. See Terms and Conditions

What happens next

When you sign up you will be given access to the STANLEY Guard login website.

You can then enter in personal details and emergency contacts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What data connection does my handset need to run STANLEY Guard?

A. The handset must have a data connection, any type from GPRS to 4G and Wi-Fi. If a user is outside data reach, the app will not login.

Q. Will my STANLEY Guard use a lot of Data download?

A. The system is designed to be used on an “as and when” basis providing the ultimate in mobile personal safety. The Data Usage in tracking mode is minimal as the only data sent is Longitude & Latitude coordinates.

Data usage increases with video/audio upload from alerts. Video clips are approximately 1 Mb in size which does not impact on data consumption too heavily.

Q. What Mobiles can I use STANLEY Guard on?

A. The platform does NOT work by Handset type, but on Operating System (OS) type.

Acceptable Operating Systems are:

  • iOS – version 4.3 or better
  • Android – Version 2.3 or better
  • BB10 – version 10 or better
  • Windows Mobile – version 8 or better
  • BlackBerry (old) – version 5 or better

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